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Julien Mignot

For the past four years, “Behind the Lens” has provided the public with a more personal and diverse view of the event, as captured through the eyes and signature styles of the photographers in attendance at Cannes. A daily rendez-vous in 2016.

What Julien loves in photography, more than anything else, is the contrast and the opportunity to satisfy an almighty curiosity.
The press offers him such diverse topics, such as those in last month's news - he covered the immigrant story for the French newspaper, Libération (Japan Day Award finalist), the Nuit Debout demonstrations for Le Monde, took a portrait photograph of Pierre Richard for the French magazine Télérama, Véronique Nichanian for the New York Times, and Paul Verhoeven for Grazia.
His work also resounds in both music - he is resident photographer for the Philharmonie de Paris, as well as working for names like Universal, Wagram, Believe or Naive - and fashion, as he works for Chanel and Hermès.
In 2015, he shot portrait photographs, the Croisette, the Red Carpet at night for the Grazia Daily. As contributing to the finest daily publication about Cannes last year was not enough, he's back this year, proud to be part of this wonderful, wild escapade.


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