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Marco Bellocchio, after studying at the Dramatic Art Academy of Milan and the Experimental Cinema Centre, directs in 1965 his first feature film, remarked by the critics. Breaking with neo-realism, his politically-engaged works attack the Italian symbols of conformism; after his cult movie, Fists in the Pockets - manifesto of a youth in revolt - he denounces religion with In the Name of the Father (1971), and the army with Victory March (1976). Along with Michel Piccoli and Anouk Aimée, he wins at Cannes two Best Actor awards for A Leap in the Dark (1980). He then passes from films deemed "subversive", in the image of Devil in the Flesh which sparks a scandal in Cannes in 1986, to literary adaptations such as the Pirandello adaptation The Nanny (1990). Marco Bellocchio troubles anew the Vatican with My Mother's Smile, selected by Cannes in 2002. And he was the first to speak out about the assassination of Aldo Moro with Good Morning, Night, screened at the Mostra in 2004 and unanimously hailed by critics worldwide.



Member - Feature films - 2007


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