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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Mathieu KASSOVITZ

     Country : FRANCE

Length : 134 minutes


Mr. Wagner is a specialist. He has been a professional killer for over forty years. And for over forty years he has been practicing his trade with loving pride. An ambiguous but true work ethic guides Wagner's actions. An ethic which is not only genuine, but essential. When he meets Max, an unemployed twenty-five years old, Wagner believes he has found his successor. Taking him under his wing, Mr Wagner teaches Max all he knows, especially his sense of ethics.
But time have changed... And ethics are not what they used to be.


Mathieu KASSOVITZ - Film Editor

Mathieu KASSOVITZ - Director

Mathieu KASSOVITZ - Script / Dialogue

Pierre AÏM - Cinematography

Carter BURWELL - Music

Yannick KERGOAT - Film Editor

Philippe CHIFRE - Set decorator


Mathieu KASSOVITZ - Max

Michel SERRAULT - M. Wagner

Danièle LEBRUN - La mère de Max

Robert GENDREU - M. Vidal

Mehdi BENOUFA - Mehdi


Film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1997

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