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In Competition – Feature Films Opening film


Directed by : Paul VERHOEVEN

     Country : UNITEDSTATES

Length : 128 minutes


Nick Curra, an inspector at the San Francisco police department. He heads the investigation of the murder of the old rock singer Johnny Boz who stabbed 31 times with an ice-pick while making love. Wealthy and with a tendancy for unusual pleasures, the star had dated for a year and a half a young, rich and succesful writer, Catherine Tramell. Suspicious point to Catherine when Nick discovers she is the author of a recent best-seller about an identical murder.


Paul VERHOEVEN - Director

Joe ESZTERHAS - Script / Dialogue

Scott A. HECKER - Script / Dialogue

Jan DE BONT - Cinematography

Jerry GOLDSMITH - Music

Frank J. URIOSTE - Film Editor


Film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1992

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