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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Lars Von Trier

     Country : DENMARK

Length : 107 minutes

Grand Prix de la Commission Supérieure Technique, 1991

Jury Prize (tied), 1991


" Europa " is the story of a young American, intelligent and full of good will, who decides to go and discover the land of his father: Germany 1945. For Katharina's love, he will try to reconcile the members of her family, torn apart by their political beliefs.
However, the american naivete of young Leo will only serve to accentuate the passions and tensions of post-war Germany.


Lars Von Trier - Script / Dialogue

Lars Von Trier - Director

Niels VOERSEL - Script / Dialogue

Henning BENDTSEN - Cinematography

Edward KLOSINSKI - Cinematography

Jean-Paul MEURISSE - Cinematography

Joakim HOLBEK - Music

Hervé SCHNEID - Film Editor

Henning BAHS - Set decorator


Film Poster © DR


In Competition – Feature Films 1991

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