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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Ken LOACH

     Country : UNITEDKINGDOM

Jury Prize, 1990


A team from the International League for Civil Liberties is conducting an investigation into the abuse of civil rights in Northern Ireland when Paul, a member of the group, "driving through a Police roadblock" is shot dead. He was on his way to a mysterious rendez-vous.
Senior British Policeman, Peter Kerrigan, investigates the killing with the help of Ingrid, Paul's girlfriend. They discover Paul's death is tied up with a plot, documented on a tape he had in his possession when he was a shot.
While searching for it, Kerrigan discovers corruption at the highest levels and reconsiders his work as well as his own personal responsibility.


Ken LOACH - Director

Jim ALLEN - Script / Dialogue

Clive TICKNER - Cinematography

Stewart COPELAND - Music

Jonathan MORRIS - Film Editor

Martin JOHNSON - Set decorator


Film Poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1990

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