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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : James IVORY

     Country : UNITEDKINGDOM

Length : 142 minutes

45th Anniversary Prize, 1992


Margaret and Helen Schlegel are sisters - intelligent, cultured, and by the standards of the time, highly emancipated. They make the acquaintance of the prosperous, conventional Wilcox family, and Helen falls in love with the younger Wilcox son, Paul. This ends as badly as was to be expected with two such different individuals, and the two families part in the hope of never meeting again...


James IVORY - Director

Ruth PRAWER JHABVALA - Script / Dialogue

Tony PIERCE-ROBERTS - Cinematography

Richard ROBBINS - Music

Andrew MARCUS - Film Editor

Luciana ARRIGHI - Set decorator


Film Still © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1992

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