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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Gianni AMELIO

     Country : ITALY, FRANCE

Length : 110 minutes

Jury's Grand Prix, 1992


In the suburbs of Milan, in the immigrants' ghetto, a woman is arrested: she forces her eleven years old daughter, Rosetta, into prostitution. A young carabiniere, Antonio is in charge of escorting the girl and her younger brother, Luciano, to an institution for endangered children, near Rome. But at the institution the children are refused, and the three continue their journey toward the South, where...


Gianni AMELIO - Director

Gianni AMELIO - Script / Dialogue

Stefano RULLI - Script / Dialogue

Giorgia CECERE - Script / Dialogue

Sandro PETRAGLIA - Script / Dialogue

Tonino NARDI - Cinematography

Renato TAFURI - Cinematography

Franco PIERSANTI - Music

Simona PAGGI - Film Editor

Andrea CRISANTI - Set decorator


Film Poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1992

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