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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Gaspar NOÉ

Year of production : 2002      Country : FRANCE

Length : 95 minutes


Irreversible. Because time destroys everything. Because certain acts are irreparable. Because man is an animal. Because the will to get revenge is a natural impulse. Because most crimes go unpunished. Because the loss of a loved one destroys like lightening. Because love is the source of life. Because premonitions don't change the course of things. Because time reveals everything. The worst and the best.


Gaspar NOÉ - Cinematography

Benoît DEBIE - Cinematography

Thomas BANGALTER - Music

Gaspar NOÉ - Film Editor

Gaspar NOÉ - Director

Gaspar NOÉ - Script / Dialogue

Alain JUTEAU - Set decorator


Jo PRESTIA - The Tapeworm

Albert DUPONTEL - Pierre

Vincent CASSEL - Marcus

Philippe NAHON - Philippe

Monica BELLUCCI - Alex


Film poster © DR


In Competition – Feature Films 2002

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