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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Akira KUROSAWA

     Country : JAPAN

Palme d'Or (tied), 1980


On the verge of his death, Shingen Takeda, apprehensive of the future of his clan, leaves a condition in his last will and testament that his demise be guarded a secret for three years.
The key vassals of the Takeda clan make use of Shingen's double to comply with his last words.
This is a tragic-comedy depicting the hardships of Shingen's top aides in their desperate battle for the survival of the Takeda clan and the strange life of a man destined to act as a shadow figure of the great Shingen.


Akira KUROSAWA - Script / Dialogue

Akira KUROSAWA - Director

Masato IDE - Script / Dialogue

Takao SAITO - Cinematography

Shinichiro IKEBE - Music


Film Poster © DR


In Competition – Feature Films 1980

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