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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Curtis HANSON

     Country : UNITEDSTATES

Length : 135 minutes


Los Angeles in the early 50's. A booming city anxious to shed its small town skin. Through the new medium of television, L.A. is being hyped as a potential utopia and the metropolis of the future. It's practically paradise on earth. That's the image. The reality is something different. From the staid mansions of Hancock Park to the sizzling clubs on the Sunset Strip, it's a city of corruption, double-dealing and dangerous passions. The characters reflect the duality of the city in which they live... Characters whose outward images are often in direct conflict with their inner identity... Characters whose repressed passions threaten everything they have to think they know.


Curtis HANSON - Director

Curtis HANSON - Script / Dialogue

Brian HELGELAND - Script / Dialogue

Dante SPINOTTI - Cinematography

Jerry GOLDSMITH - Music

Peter HONESS - Film Editor

Jeannine Claudia OPPEWALL - Set decorator


Russell CROWE - Bud White

Kevin SPACEY - Jack Vincennes

Kim BASINGER - Lynn Bracken

James CROMWELL - Dudley Smith

Danny DE VITO - Sid Hudgeons

Guy PEARCE - Edmond Exley


Film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1997

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