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Un Certain Regard


Directed by : Ricardo FRANCO

     Country : SPAIN

Length : 103 minutes


Rafael loses his masculine attributes in an accident. He is condemned to lead a life of loneliness, until one day destiny brings Marina, a marginal young woman expecting a child, into his life. Rafael discovers in Marina the warmth and the family he had always wanted. The trouble begins when Daniel, a juvenile delinquent and Marina's ex-partner, appears on the scene.


Ricardo FRANCO - Director

Ricardo FRANCO - Script / Dialogue

Angeles GONZALEZ SINDE - Script / Dialogue

Tote TRENAS - Cinematography

Eva GANCEDO - Music

Esperanza COBOS - Film Editor

Juan BOTELLA - Set decorator


Ramon BAREA - Paco

Jordi MOLLA - Daniel

Maribel VERDU - Marina

Antonio RESINES - Rafael

Clara SANCHIS - Elena

Elvira MINGUEZ - Ana Mari


Film poster © DR

Un Certain Regard 1997

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