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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Patrice CHEREAU

     Country : FRANCE

Length : 164 minutes

Award for Best Actress, 1994

Jury Prize, 1994


She is beautiful, she is catholic, she is the King's sister, her name is Marguerite de Valois. Her brother has nicknamed her Margot. Henri de Navarre is protestant and said to be ill-mannered, unshaven and to smell garlic and sweat. They are wed by force. It is a political manoeuvre: they need to reconcile the French, torn apart by religious wars. Six days after the marriage at the Notre Dame Cathedral is the Saint Bartholomew day. In the middle of this night of horror, a young man wounded by several sword injuries, frantically knocks on Margot's door; La Môle because he is protestant must die like all the others. Margot hides him, nurses him and grows to love him. That night everything is thrown into confusion.


Hélène VIARD - Film Editor

Patrice CHEREAU - Director

Patrice CHEREAU - Script / Dialogue

Danièle THOMPSON - Script / Dialogue

Philippe ROUSSELOT - Cinematography

Goran BREGOVIC - Music

François GEDIGIER - Film Editor

Richard PEDUZZI - Set decorator

Olivier RADOT - Set decorator


Virna LISI - Catherine de Medicis

Dominique BLANC - Henriette de Nevers

Isabelle ADJANI - Margot

Daniel AUTEUIL - Henri de Navarre

Jean-Hugues ANGLADE - Charles IX

Vincent PEREZ - la Môle


film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1994

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