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In Competition – Feature Films First film


Directed by : Arnaud DESPLECHIN

     Country : FRANCE

Length : 140 minutes


Mathias Barillet is twenty-five years old. Son of a diplomat, and a student of forensic medecine. He lives in Germany, until he decides to move to Paris. On his way back to France, Mathias finds himself mystriously in possession of a shrunken human head, like those made by Jivaro Indians. His fascination with it grows, and he can't bring himself to get rid of it. To whom does it belong? Who gave it to him? And why?


Arnaud DESPLECHIN - Script / Dialogue

Emmanuel SALINGER - Script / Dialogue

Arnaud DESPLECHIN - Director

Noémie LVOVSKY - Script / Dialogue

Pascale FERRAN - Script / Dialogue

Caroline CHAMPETIER - Cinematography

Marc Olivier SOMMER - Music

François GEDIGIER - Film Editor

Antoine PLATTEAU - Set decorator


Film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1992

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