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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Victor Manuel GAVIRIA

     Country : COLOMBIA

Length : 120 minutes


A band of street urchins have great hopes as Christmas eve is getting close. Will they spend it among pals? Or with their suitors? Will they have enough dough to scare up their own party? Will they be wearing new clothes that night?
All these expectancies, which won't materialize in the end, are to bring about a somewhat nefarious ending : loneliness, despondency, drugs and death. Hidden face of a cruel, intense city : Medellin.


Victor Manuel GAVIRIA - Director

Victor Manuel GAVIRIA - Script / Dialogue

Carlos HENAO - Script / Dialogue

Diana OSPINA - Script / Dialogue

Erwin GÖGGEL - Cinematography

Rodrigo LALINDE - Cinematography

Luis Fernando FRANCO - Music

Victor Manuel GAVIRIA - Film Editor

Agustin PINTO - Film Editor

Ricardo DUQUE - Set decorator


Liliana GIRALDO - Claudia

Diana MURILLO - Cachetona

Mileider GIL - Andrea

Lady TABARES - Monica

Marta CORREA - Judy

Alex BEDOYA - Milton


film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1998

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