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In Competition – Feature Films First film


Directed by : Patrick BOUCHITEY

     Country : FRANCE

Length : 92 minutes


Simon and Dédé, two down-and-outs, are bound to each other by friendship and the search for oblivion and exaltation. Their days pass as if they were on another planet. These two 40-year-old-adolescents have been left on the platform of the train to a normal life.


Patrick BOUCHITEY - Director

Patrick BOUCHITEY - Script / Dialogue

Jacky BERROYER - Script / Dialogue

Jean-Jacques BOUHON - Cinematography

Didier LOCKWOOD - Music

Jimi HENDRIX - Music

Florence BON - Film Editor

Franck LAGACHE - Set decorator

Jean-Marc PACAUD - Set decorator


Film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1991

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