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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Manoel DE OLIVEIRA

Year of production : 2002      Country : PORTUGAL

Length : 133 minutes


The wealthy Antonio and José, family servant's son, have shared everything since their childhood. Even the games of love is strengthening up the link between those two beings: Antonio marries Camila, the girl José has always been in love with, and cheats on his wife with Vanessa, José's associate in some tricky business.
The devil decides to get involved in the story and these four interlaced destinies will find themselves in the roaring fire.


Renato BERTA - Cinematography

Catherine KRASSOVSKY - Film Editor

Niccolo PAGANINI - Music

Manoel DE OLIVEIRA - Film Editor

Manoel DE OLIVEIRA - Director

Manoel DE OLIVEIRA - Script / Dialogue

Maria José BRANCO - Set decorator


Leonor SILVEIRA - Vanessa

Isabel RUTH - Celsa

Ivo CANELAS - António Clara

José Manuel MENDES - Torcato Roper

Luís Miguel CINTRA - Daniel Roper

Ricardo TREPA - Blue Bull

Leonor BALDAQUE - Camila


Film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 2002

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