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In Competition – Feature Films



Directed by : JIA Zhang-Ke

Year of production : 2002      Country : JAPAN, FRANCE, KOREA,REPUBLICOF, CHINA

Length : 113 minutes


Jobless best friends Xiao Ji and Bin Bin have lots of time on their hands. Time to wander around town on motorbikes; time to hang out at the smoky recreation center.
Xiao Ji has a crush on pretty Qiao Qiao, a dancer-model who's landed a gig promoting Mongolian King Liquor. The fact she has a thug boyfriend doesn't seem to bother Xiao Ji. He relates life to American crime dramas. He doesn't see the point of living past the age of 30.
Bin Bin's mother thinks joining the army is the answer to her son's future. His girlfriend will be going away to a Beijing university for a future in international trade. Bin Bin likes holding hands, listening to karaoke favorites and watching Monkey King animation. He doesn't believe the future exists.
Their provincial city of Datong is closer to Mongolia


- Director

Lik Wai YU - Cinematography

Keung CHOW - Film Editor

- Script / Dialogue

Jiang Dong LIANG - Set decorator


Qiong WU - Xiao Ji

Wei Wei ZHAO - Bin Bin

Qing Feng ZHOU - Yuan Yuan

Hong Wei WANG - Xiao Wu

Xi An LIU - Xiao Ji's Father

Ru BAI - Bin Bin's Mother

- Qiao Qiao


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In Competition – Feature Films 2002

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