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In Competition – Feature Films First film


Directed by : Johnny DEPP

     Country : UNITEDSTATES

Length : 123 minutes


Raphael is a young Native American desperate to break the bleak cycle of an impoverished life. Morgantown, the make-shift village where he lives, is an adjunct of an enormous refuse yard. Forgotten by society, the people of the village are forced to deal with their impending doom based on the ultimate destruction of their home. In order to provide his family with a way out, Raphael makes a Faustian deal in which he would make the ultimate sacrifice. Carrying this secret over what are possibly the final seven days of his life, Raphael heals the spirits of his community and gives his family the first ray of hope that they have never known.


Johnny DEPP - Director

Johnny DEPP - Script / Dialogue

D.P. DEPP - Script / Dialogue

Paul MCCUDDEN - Script / Dialogue

Vilko FILAC - Cinematography

Iggy POP - Music

Pasquale BUBA - Film Editor

Miljen KLJAKOVIC - Set decorator


Johnny DEPP - Raphaël

Marshall BELL - Larry

Elpidia CARRILLO - Rita

Marlon BRANDO - Mr McCarthy

Cody LIGHTNING - Frankie

Clarence WILLIAMS III - Le Père Stratton


Film poster © DR

In Competition – Feature Films 1997

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