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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Ming-Liang TSAI

     Country : TAIWAN, FRANCE

Length : 95 minutes


Seven days to the Twenty-first Century. Somewhere in Taiwan, the rain won't let up. A mysterious disease reaches epidemic proportions.
A man in an apartment refuses to leave the quarantine zone. A plumber has been sent to check a leak for the downstairs neighbour. He leaves a sizeable hole in the middle of the man's room.
The man doesn't seem to mind the hole much. In fact, he finds the hole useful as a means of learning about his downstairs neighbour, a woman who stockpiles toilet paper. He quickly becomes fascinated by her.
But, one day, she gets sick...


Ming-Liang TSAI - Script / Dialogue

Ming-Liang TSAI - Director

Pi-Ying YANG - Script / Dialogue

Peng-Jung LIAO - Cinematography

Ju-Kuan HSIAO - Film Editor

Pao-Lin LEE - Set decorator


Tien MIAO - Un vendeur

Hsiang-Chu TONG - Le plombier

Kwei-Mei YANG - La femme d'en bas

Kang-Sheng LEE - L'homme d'en haut

Hui-Chin LIN - Un voisin


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In Competition – Feature Films 1998

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