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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Jacques RIVETTE

     Country : FRANCE

Length : 154 minutes


An Italian theatre company, on tour across Europe, comes to Paris to stage ¿Come tu mi vuoi¿ by Pirandello.
Within this company, Camille is the leading actress and companion to Ugo, the director of the play and company. She is also the only actress of French origin in the group.
It is the first time she returns to Paris since leaving Pierre three years ago, a man whose passion threatened to stifle her calling. She secretly fears meeting him again, and not without reason. And she will meet him.
Ugo also has his secret. Coming to Paris is a chance for him to verify a tip given to him on the existence of an unpublished manuscript by the great Goldoni. This search will lead him to the seductive Dominique, also known as Do.
Passions will rise, leading to an improbable duel to death, where e


Jacques RIVETTE - Script / Dialogue

Jacques RIVETTE - Director

Christine LAURENT - Script / Dialogue

Pascal BONITZER - Script / Dialogue

William LUBTCHANSKY - Cinematography

Peggy LEE - Music

Nicole LUBTCHANSKY - Film Editor

Emmanuel DE CHAUVIGNY - Set decorator


Film poster © DR


In Competition – Feature Films 2001

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