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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Todd HAYNES

     Country : UNITEDKINGDOM

Length : 120 minutes

Prix de la meilleure contribution artistique au Festival International du Film, 1998


1971 : Glam Rock explodes on the world, challenging the sincerity and machismo of the flower generation with glitter and savage sounds - thrilling and shocking the world. At the centre is Brian Slade. Turning mods and rockers on their heads, he takes the UK by storm, inspiring countless teenage boys and girls to paint their nails and explore their sexuality. Slade finally devours himself. Unable to escape the persona he has created, he stages a fake assassination. When his fans find out, his star falls into oblivion and Brian disappears.
1984 : Arthur, an imported Brit who works for a New York daily, is charged by his editors with writing an anniversary article on Brian Slade's staged assassination. As a boy, growing up in Manchester, Athur had been more than a fan of Slade's. He reluctan


Todd HAYNES - Script / Dialogue

Todd HAYNES - Director

Maryse ALBERTI - Cinematography

Carter BURWELL - Music

James LYON - Film Editor

Christopher HOBBS - Set decorator


Toni COLLETTE - Mandy Slade

Ewan MCGREGOR - Curt Wild

Jonathan RHYS MEYERS - Brian Slade

Eddie IZZARD - Jerry Devine

Christian BALE - Arthur


Film Poster © DR




In Competition – Feature Films 1998

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