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Special Screenings


Directed by : Manoel DE OLIVEIRA

     Country : PORTUGAL, FRANCE

Length : 93 minutes

International Critic's Prize by the F.I.P.R.E.S.C.I. (tied), 1997


Afonso, a french actor, has a part in a Franco-Portugese co-production. As his father emigrated from Portugal to France before the war, Afonso expresses an interest in visiting the village his father came from and where one of his aunts is still alive. The director of the film and two other actors accompany him on his quest, in order to interpret for him. They pass various different places where the director grew up. The director reminisces. He is particularly inspired by a statue of Pedro Macao which is an embodiment of human suffering. When they reach the village, Afonso's aunt turns out to be less than forthcoming. She finds her nephew hard to accept, particularly as she did not know of his existence and they have no language in common. Afonso points out that the same blood flows in the


Manoel DE OLIVEIRA - Script / Dialogue

Manoel DE OLIVEIRA - Director

Renato BERTA - Cinematography

Emmanuel NUNES - Music

Valérie LOISELEUX - Film Editor

Maria José BRANCO - Set decorator


Diogo DORIA - Duarte

Marcello MASTROIANNI - Manoel

Isabel DE CASTRO - Maria Afonso

Leonor SILVEIRA - Judite

Isabel RUTH - Olga

Cécile SANZ DE ALBA - Christina

Jean-Yves GAUTIER - Afonso

Special Screenings 1997

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