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In Competition – Feature Films


Directed by : Michael WINTERBOTTOM

     Country : UNITEDKINGDOM

Length : 100 minutes


Michael Henderson, a British foreign correspondent is stationed in Sarajevo, during the war in Bosnia. The city is under siege from enemy artillery, positionned in the hills that circle the city. Henderson, his cameraman Greg ans producer Jane Carson, file regular reports from the city, for the television news in Britain. Henderson discovers an orphanage, situated on the front line, under continuous bombardment from artillery fire. Horrified by the terrible conditions the children live under, he repeatedly films reports from the orphanage urging the international community to take action to remove the children to safety. Frustrated by the lack of reponse and no longer able to maintain journalistic detachment, he determines to smuggle one of the children back to England.


Michael WINTERBOTTOM - Director

Frank COTTRELL BOYCE - Script / Dialogue

Daf HOBSON - Cinematography

Adrian JOHNSTON - Music

Trevor WAITE - Film Editor

Mark GERAGHTY - Set decorator


Kerry FOX - Jane Carson

Woody HARRELSON - Flynn

Stephen DILLANE - Michael Henderson Henderson

Goran VISNJIC - Risto

Emira NUSEVIC - Emira

Marisa TOMEI - Nina


Film poster © DR


In Competition – Feature Films 1997

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