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Accreditations are Open for Cannes 2019

Accreditations - Cannes 2019

Accreditations - Cannes 2019 © L. Venance / AFP

The 72nd edition of the Festival de Cannes will take place from 14-25 May 2019.

In 2018, 39,400 professionals (up 3% from 2017) from around sixty countries contributed to the success of the 71st edition! Amongst them were around thirty cinematic professions and nearly 4,500 journalists and media technicians who attended previews and screenings of 91 films from 35 production countries for the official Selection.


The Marché du Film was also still going strong with 12,411 participants attending 3,080 films presented and 58 countries shown at the Village International.


Overall, this international attendance was strengthened by the presence of 2,000 young cinephiles who enjoyed the first "Three Days in Cannes" event, which will take place again this year.


In 2019, we're expecting you for even more discoveries, meetings and projects!


► From 1st February, you can view the registration details for your category and apply for your accreditations online.




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